The Sacred Path of Child Loss

with Tracy Houchins

June 21-25, 2023

This healing retreat takes place at the beautiful Casa Om Potomac in Martinsburg, WV.

Enjoy 63 acres of forest, open fields, river frontage and caves while healing your heart.



The Venue

Casa Om Potomac

This one of a kind retreat center, nestled in the mountains of Martinsburg, West Virginia, has breathtaking views of the Potomac. The serene surroundings are food for the Soul and the beautifully decorated rooms with authentic Indian white-washed carved wood provide a most comfortable, soul-soothing respite. This gorgeous estate has a large custom yoga room and lovely pool, along with lots of acreage to explore. The creative vegetarian menus, designed by owner Hargobind Khalsa, are well sourced, using organic ingredients whenever possible and made with nurturing, healing intentions. You’ll find yourself satiated and the flavors will not disappoint! Please note: This is a vegetarian property, so animal proteins or other non-plant based foods are not allowed in the retreat center.

Casa Om Potomac is approximately 90 minutes from both Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC.

Our Program

Our 4-night retreat will soothe your Soul as we honor the Eternal Love and Light of your transitioned Child. Here are some highlights of our time together….

Sacred Ceremony

A very special ceremony created for Bereaved Mothers as a way to honor the forever Love between you and your Child.

Spirit Stick Workshop

In this workshop, Tracy will guide you through the process of choosing your stick, infusing intentions into it and then embellishing it in a way that allows you to use your creative expression. This activity is quite calming. Your finished Spirit Stick will be a lovely, meaningful keepsake and personal tool used to assist you on your healing path.

Cave Meditation

We’ll connect with the nurturing energy of Mother Earth as we take a short trek into an historical cave on the Casa OM Potomac property. We’ll settle into a space as a group for a lovely, heart-centered meditation. This is a safe activity that will anchor your energy and leave you feeling fully grounded in your body.

Delicious Vegan Meals

Fresh menus prepared in-house with loving intentions to nourish your body, mind and spirit.

Reiki Level 1 Class

Tracy Houchins, a long time, seasoned Reiki Master Teacher will introduce you to a little history and the many benefits of Reiki. You’ll learn and practice hand positions for self-care and be introduced to the energy of Reiki during a sacred ceremony. Handouts will be provided. If you’re new to Reiki, it’s relaxing, easy to do and the only thing needed is an open mind and a willingness to learn. Note: Reiki is a spiritual practice and used as a way to instill peace and promote healing. It is not related to or affiliated in any way with any religion.

Ice Bath (optional)

You may be asking yourself “Why?”. Ice baths have been proven to be a therapeutic activity that reduces inflammation in the body, resets the vagus nerve, helps with sleep, reduces anxiety, increases blood flow, clears brain fog, and many more benefits! It’s not a requirement, but after getting out of the ice bath, you’ll be invited to let out a good yell across the river as a way of celebrating your brave self and the healing it provides, as well as releasing the pain you may be holding on to.

Campfire Drum Circle

We’ll gather around the campfire with drums, creating sounds and songs through the cadence of the drumbeats that reverberate through every cell in your body, releasing the old and opening the doors of your Soul as you connect with the cadence of your personal rhythm.

Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong

As a Certified Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong Instructor, Tracy will teach you this beautiful tradition, created by Master Qigong Teacher, Daisy Lee. Qigong is a practice that accesses the energy of both the earth and the universe through specific movements and intention.


You’ll experience two different types taught by experienced Casa Om Yogis.

Yin Yoga ~ a tradition that is less active, more nurturing, nourishing and relaxing. A great segue to a peaceful night sleep.

Hot Yoga ~ a tradition practiced in a warm setting as you’re directed through intentional movements that feed the body~mind~spirit as a whole as it helps to detoxify the affects of trauma and PTSD.

Free Time

You’ll have time to enjoy whatever fits your needs, whether it be a hike along the trails of Casa OM Potomac, journaling, reading, napping, conversing with new friends or just taking in the beauty that will be surrounding your every moment there.


  • 2 times daily yoga/meditation
  • Double-occupancy rooms
  • Keto-vegetarian meals
  • Health-focused workshops


    • Single-occupancy room*
    • Massage*
    • Cave meditation
    • Ice bath
    • Reiki/chakra balancing
    • Cooking class*

    *additional cost

About Your Host…


Tracy M. Houchins ~ Wellness Catalyst

Certified Advanced Soul Coach, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Radiant Lotus Instructor and Certified Grief Coach and Grief Movement Instructor

Tracy Houchins has spent more than 20 years in the Healing Arts, studying with world renowned teachers and mentors. Her work includes Soul Coaching®, Reiki and most recently, Grief Coaching and Grief Movement. Tracy has developed Metta Reiki®, an advanced curriculum for a unique style and frequency of Reiki that she teaches to qualified Reiki Masters.

Tracy is a wellness catalyst and liaison, or as she explains it, an instrument or conduit and facilitator for others’ healing.  She has a rich history of personal healing through her experiences of sexual trauma, 30 years of addiction, recovery, abuse and in 2016, the loss of her beloved daughter by suicide.  She clearly understands the importance of these challenging events from a spiritual perspective. Tracy seeks out the opportunity they hold for personal growth and falls back on that knowing as a way to move through the painful stages of grief and keeping her sites on living a life filled with joy and possibility.

It’s Tracy’s firm belief that by enduring these traumas, she easily connects to others through her empathy and deep compassion. Further, she has become an expert and authority by way of the challenging events of her personal experiences. Her teaching and practice has shown that there truly is an innate power to heal that resides within everyone.

Tracy’s love of being in service to others and her ability to rise above the unimaginable, profound sorrow of her daughter’s suicidal death has led her to create a program designed to nurture the deepest space within the Bereaved Mother as they journey through grief on their Sacred Path of Child Loss. She brings together her expansive skills of coaching, energy healing and knowing there is a jewel to be found in the hardest of life’s challenges. This has inspired her to guide and teach others not only how to survive, but to thrive after loss. Tracy sees her profound sorrow from the loss of her daughter is in equal and opposite direct correlation to the Love she shared and continues to share, Soul to Soul, with her beloved Chelsi. This is what inspired her to come out of retirement, return to the work she loves and launch


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