About me…

Thanks for coming together with me, here at my blog, Magic in the Mess. Since leaving my healing practice of many years, I’ve been searching for the right time, the right way and the right words to share life challenges and what I’ve gained from them. Creating a blog seems like the right space for me to place the thoughts that sometimes hijack my brain.

Life is an adventure and sometimes it gets messy. I’ve personally experienced great moments, some tragic losses and a whole lotta living in between. Addiction, sexual assault, divorce x2, child loss and more… I dare say, my history is rich. Within these experiences, my very survival has counted on my finding the reasons why these experiences happened for me. That’s right – these experiences happened for me, not to me.

It’s easy to find the blessings during the good times. But it’s in the challenges that we are invited to expand our consciousness through the humanness of our life experiences. The biggest difficulties have rewarded me with realizations that I feel my Soul really wants me to learn and I would otherwise have missed out on. I have come to know that we do not experience the difficulties for nothing and there is something to be learned in every situation, especially the emotionally charged ones, for therein lies the key to our personal and spiritual progress.

In June of 2016 my life dramatically shifted after the suicidal death of my daughter. I was already caring for her son, our grandson, since he was 7 weeks old and he was almost three at the time of her death. (We have long since adopted him and have been raising him as our son.) So at this point, my life was already very full with little room to grieve. After taking three months off in an effort to settle into my life without my daughter, I returned to my practice and teaching with a promise to myself that I would gently re-enter with a light schedule. I knew I was still emotionally fragile. But try as I did, my schedule ramped back up pretty quick to the same level of busyness as before. After only three months back at my studio, I was overwhelmed. It was all energy out and no time to process this loss. While mothering a toddler and working a full schedule, I found myself becoming rapidly depleted.

Even with this awareness, I didn’t take action to care for myself. I didn’t understand the urgency of my situation until, while driving early one morning, I hit a deer. As I sat on the side of the road with her in my arms, I offered her Reiki and looked down and saw her legs were snapped off. There was no blood, just her legs held on by fur. It was shocking to see and the awareness hit me like a freight train. If I don’t stop and create time in my own life to “just be”, The Universe is going to help me find a way to make that happen. A flash of a vision: myself being fully conscious from my shoulders up and no use of my arms and legs, forced to just be. In that moment I realized I needed to create space in my life to face and process the profound sorrow and loss I was feeling if I was ever going to rise above it. That day I wrote the letter to my landlord giving my 90 day notice to relinquish my healing studio.

I had become painfully aware that it was time to serve and heal myself. So I closed the doors to Sacred Healing Hands Wellness Studio in April of 2017, not knowing if I would be returning to my work sometime in the future.

Many years ago, a close friend said to me, “For every adversity, there is a seed of equivalent benefit.”. This statement has stayed with me and I have personally come to know the “seed” as the magic that lies within the chaos and confusion – the mess – of life’s big events. Finding the valuable reasons amidst the difficulties fuels my spirit to rise above the ashes where, from a renewed and elevated perspective I can at last glean why I was guided to a particular experience in the first place. My quest to find the magic in the mess has been essential for me to move forward and return to a place of inner harmony.

You and I are here for great reasons and sometimes these reasons may seem elusive. Whether your understanding of the “why” of a particular situation is subtle, yet to be revealed or painfully apparent, know that it’s all part of our Soul Path of spiritual growth and evolution.

My writings won’t be for everyone. But if you find yourself landing here, I imagine there might be something in it for you or perhaps someone you love ~ maybe just a little food for thought.
I’m not committing to writing weekly or monthly. But I do intend to write when I feel something calling to be shared ~ something that others may find useful in their own life.

Once we learn and integrate a Soul Lesson into our Life, we never have to endure those particular spiritual growing pains again. Thank you Universe!

I hope that by reading my blog you’ll be inspired to make sense of your own life experiences and that you, too, will realize the magic in your own Sacred Life, especially in the mess.

With so much Love,

Tracy M. Houchins is a Certified Advanced Soul Coach and Reiki Master Teacher, founder of Metta Reiki®️, creator of Magic in the Mess Blog, mother, wife, grandmother and lover of all sentient beings.