June 4, 2016 was the day.  Today is a big day, an important day (to me), and one of the hardest days of the year. It’s the 5th anniversary of my daughter Chelsi Ann Ichrist’s suicide. Try as I might, I’m not able to wrangle my thoughts and feelings into words to write about it today while the energy of this event, even 5 years later, is still so palpable.  So I’m sharing a poem that came to me, in Chelsi’s voice, only 10 days after she passed. These are her words.  I was simply the one to ground them for her. 


Remember me as a flower.
Any kind will do.

I’ve been around since
the beginning of time
and forever will be.  

I’m birthed by
the breath of the Universe
and the vitality of the Sun.

Nurtured and nourished
by our loving compassionate Earth Mother.  

Immeasurable inner strength
I am able to move
through the soil,
the rocks,
and anything else
that stands between here and there.  

Seed, bud, bloom ~
playing full out!
always reaching for the Light.  

Until my time is done
and I return from where I came.  
There I will rest and wait
to be called forth again
by the breath of the Universe
and the vitality of the sun. 

Message from Chelsi
Received by Tracy June 14, 2016